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In light of sustainability all invoices are sent digital.


- Please note all prices mentioned exclude 21% VAT (BTW) when applicable -

Registration costs:
The registration costs for Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam 2022 are 250 euro.

There are three types of stands at three locations: Westerliefde (WL), WesterUnie (WU) and Transformatorhuis (TH). All are located at the Westerpark culture park. Additionally, there
are possibilities to organize a cocktail competition, sponsor a seminar (TH), or rent an existing bar on the premises (WL & WU).

Please select stand

Note: all mentioned costs exclude stand building. Upon request we can put you in contact with partner company BoozED for stand building.

exclude staff at stand. Upon request we can put you in contact with partner company The Fabulous Shaker Boys for cocktail bartender staff.


  • sandwiches all 3 days for staff members (5 max per stand),
  • tasting glasses,
  • ice both cubed and crushed,
  • a tasting table upon request,
  • promotion on PSBA social media,
  • promotion in booklet,
  • guest list tickets, see below.


Includes: 1 seminar timeslot of 1 hour (effective time 45 minutes), stage, use of soundsystem, AV staff member and screen for presentation and ingredients (up to 100 euro in
cost). Excludes cost of presenter. The area can hold over 150 attendees.

Marketing packages PSBS 2022

As media partner of the Perfect Serve Barshow 2022, Cityguys provides different service-driven packages to cover your brand or organisation during this year's conference and competition. Want to be part of our official media coverage during the weekend of 6 & 7 September 2022, and beyond? See what package fits your needs.

Why take part?

  • Be part of our marketing campaigns and get exposure through video, photos and written stories
  • Strengthen your brand awareness through our network and extensive reach in the hospitality industry (in Amsterdam and beyond)
  • Secure editorial coverage of your organization at the conference

Essential package - €500,-

Premium package - €750,-

Enterprise package - starting from €1250,-

Be part of the 1st Circular Bartender Fashion Show.
By ApronStudio

Be part of the 1st Circular Bartender Fashion Show

During the next Perfect Serve Barshow we set up a spectacular parade.

An awareness branding event reflecting the heartbeat of today where it is all about sustainability. Want to join and show your commitment to climate and a more circular economy?

Be a partner in the ultimate statement in Bartender fashion. Using high quality leftover materials, the new cutting edge in professional ware will be showcased. Includes 1 fashion item created that includes the brand logo and is worn during the show.

 This is what you get:

  • An exclusively branded apron with your own logo.
  • Sponsor identification on leaflets and publications about this event.
  • Participation in the show.
  • Pictures of the show and your presence there.
  • Part of the social media promotion incl tags.

Costs: 350 euro for an all in package as mentioned.


Closing date for registration : August 1, 2022.

Seminar Sponsor

Each Seminar Sponsor has 60 minutes planned in, of which 15 minutes is set-up time and 45 minutes effective presenting time.

This package includes

  • use of the stage.
  • staff members to help with drinks making & serving during the seminar.
  • tasting glasses for the attendees.
  • fully set-up bar station on stage including tools, citrus fruit and ice.
  • A/V support staff member.
  • screen.
  • mention in program booklet.
  • creation of Facebook event for the seminar by the PSBA Facebook page.
  • placement on banner on-site with the program AND logo of brand.
  • several calls-to-action online.

The participant is responsible for hiring a presenter for said time slot. If requested, the organization of Perfect Serve can facilitate in finding this presenter.

Please also note that all travelling expenses rest with the participant.
-It is of the utmost importance to supply the organization with the name and contact details of the presenter BEFORE the 1st of July 2022. There are NO returns in case of cancellation
due to scheduling problems etc.

Cocktail competition

Each cocktail competition has a maximum of 3 hours, excluding 30 minutes for set-up and break-down. The Participant is responsible for the design of the competition as well as organizing competitors and judges. However, the organization of Perfect Serve is happy to help whenever requested.

This package includes

  • Use of the stage.
  • Staff member to help with cleaning between competitors.
  • A/V support staff member.
  • Screen.
  • Mention in program booklet.
  • Creation of facebook event for the competition by PSBA Facebook page.
  • Several calls-to-action online.
  • Placement on a banner on-site of the schedule.

-It is of the utmost importance to supply the name of the Competition (1), a small description (2), the prize (3) and several visuals (4) BEFORE the 1st of July 2022. There are no restitutions in case of cancellation caused by failing to supply this information, or planning changes.

Guest list

All forms of participation come with FREE guest list tickets to Perfect Serve 2022 PLUS tickets for staff working the event (5 max per stand staff) in the following amounts:

  • market stand: 15 tickets -value of 450 euro-
  • 2x2 stand: 20 tickets -value of 600 euro-
  • experience stand: 50 tickets -value of 1500 euro-
  • hyper stand: 100 tickets -value of 3000 euro-
  • Adjustable stand: 5 tickets per square meter .
  • Bar: 35 tickets -value of 1050 euro-
  • seminar slot: 10 tickets -value of 300 euro-
  • competition: 30 tickets -value of 900 euro-

Each Participant of PSBA can buy additional guest list tickets via email or at the door. They will be invoiced after the event at 15 Euro ex VAT per ticket.

The Guest list works as follows: simply email the names and email addresses of guests to Please include mention of those that will be working at the stand, and those that are not. These guests simply state their name at the door, including the
name of your company. Sending these names can be done UNTIL 24 hours before the opening of the event: noon, 5 th of September 2022.


We will contact you as soon as possible with a confirmation and  an invoice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

By sending this registration you are agreeing to our general conditions, as well as our specific conditions, as well as our stand building requirements.