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In light of sustainability all invoices are sent digital.


Registration costs:
The registration costs for Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam 2019 are 195 euro excluding VAT (“BTW”)

And apply to ALL registrations.

Registration entails:
There are three types of stands at two locations: Westerliefde (WL) and the WesterUnie (WU) both located at the Westerpark culture park.

Please select stand

Note: all stand costs are

excluding stand building. Upon request we can put you in contact with partner company BoozED for stand building.

excluding staff at stand. Upon request we can put you in contact with partner company Shake and Serve for cocktail bartender staff.


  • andwiches all 3 days for staff members (5 max per stand),
  • tasting glasses,
  • ice both cubed and crushed,
  • a tasting table upon request.
  • promotion on PSBA social media
  • promotion in booklet
  • promotion logo on website
  • guest list tickets, see below.


Seminar Sponsor

Each Seminar Sponsor has 60 minutes planned in, of which 15 minutes is set-up time and 45 minutes effective presenting time. The participant is responsible for hiring a presenter in favour of said time slot. If requested, the organisation of Perfect Serve can facilitate in finding this presenter. Please also note that all travelling expenses and ingredient costs rest with the participant.

Speaker 1

Speaker 2 (if applicable)

If the above information is not delivered to Perfect Serve before the 23d of March 2019, the organisation of Perfect Serve holds the right to refuse placing of said seminar. The participant will receive restitution of a maximum of 50%.

Cocktail competition

Each cocktail competition has a maximum of 3 hours, while for the design of the competition, as with a maximum of 1 hour of set up and close down. The Participant is responsibe for the design of the competition as well as organising competitors and judges.

If the information above is not supplied by the 23d of March 2019, the organization of Perfect Serve holds the right to give the timeslot of said competition to another interested party or cancel the competition with a restitution for the participant of a maximum of 50%.

Extra: Social discount

All Social media advertising costs incurred by the brand for promotion of the activities during Perfect Serve, such as Facebook boost posts etc. Can be DISCOUNTED to the cost of participating in Perfect Serve 2019 to a maximum of 10% of total cost of respective participation, upon sending the invoice.

Extra: guest list

All forms of participation come with FREE guest list tickets to Perfect Serve 2019 PLUS tickets for staff working the event (10 max per stand staff) in the following amounts.
  • market stand: 15 tickets (worth: 300 euro)
  • 2x2 stand: 20 tickets (worth: 400 euro)
  • experience stand: 50 tickets (worth: 1000 euro)
  • seminar slot: 10 tickets (worth 200 euro)
  • competition: 40 tickets (worth 800 euro)


We will contact you as soon as possible with a confirmation and  an invoice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

By sending this registration you are agreeing to our general conditions, as well as our specific conditions, as well as our stand building requirements.