Competition Stage

The National Cocktail

5th of September starting at Noon

Competition Stage

6th of September starting at 2 PM

The Selati No/Low cocktail competition
….Show your moves and skills

Feel the Rhythm during the No&Low Cocktail competition of Selati.

Hear, move and feel different.
The people’s spirit of South Africa is packed with optimism, connectedness and creativity. A rhythm that one can call ‘the natural high on life’. The real spirit.

Embrace this real spirit and create a Selati cocktail that brings tears in your eyes and music to your heart and maybe you will win and exclusive bushcamp trip to Kurger Park South Africa.

Seminar Main Stage

Seminar- Max La Rocca: THE NINJA MINDSET..A Warrior approach to mastering Cocktail Stage Work & Life

5th of September 1 PM

Seminar – Mikey Sim “Smokehead – The Ultimate Flavour”

5th of September 2 PM

Seminar: Sarah & Manuel of Maybe Sammy (AUS) “Slice of Hospitality” presented by St Germain

5th of September 3 PM

Seminar – “Let’s Talk Talkies” Karyna Halonka & Alona Yankova (UKR)

5th of September 4 PM

Seminar – “How to Survive the Bar Business on a Professional and Personal Level” Kirsten Holm (DEN)

5th of September 5 PM

Seminar – Philip Duff “Family Tree: From Genever to Gin to Rye Whisky”

5th of September 6 PM

Seminar Main Stage

Seminar “Aperitivo, the Italian Culture” Diego Ferrari (IT)

6th of September 1 PM

Seminar: Adrian Michalcik “Serve As A Garnish”

6th of September 2 PM

Seminar: “Tea Mixology – Tea Infused Drinks – How and What” Anna Leona

6th of September 3 PM

Seminar: “How to Blend” Tim Philips Johansson

6th of September 4 PM

Seminar- “ABC: Apples, Bees and Calvados ” by Yohan Laurent

6th of September 5 PM